10 Ways this App Saves Time & Money


Last month, I commited to using the stockpile of food I found in my freezer and pantry instead of running to the grocery store.  I did have to pick up a few ingredients, though — BBQ sauce for the spareribs, seasoning for the wings.  I decided to take a trip to Walmart to check out their prices.  I went down the frozen fruit aisle (I use a good amount of frozen fruit for my green smoothies).   I immediately noticed that the prices were far less than what I was paying at Winn Dixie and Publix.  Then, I went down the other aisles, the variety of food seemed endless!  I found specialty items such as Hooter’s coating and Hooter’s Wing Sauce for the chicken wings, and took a mental note of the wide variety of products.

When I got home, I decided that I would do a bit of Internet research on where to find the best deals for grocery shopping.  As you can read in my last post, Walmart was the winner.  However, then I learned about something that further proved my decision was the right one…The Walmart Grocery App.  Here are my top ten ways this app can save you time, money, and sanity!

  1. Shop from your couch!  My husband and I opened the app, and, with our grocery list in one hand, and the phone in the other, we were able to easily click away on all the products we needed.
  2. Arrange a pick up time!  No need to go to the store and fight crowds – just click away, set your pick up time, and #drive to the designated loading spot.  The really nice people at @Walmart (shout out to Eva who was the staff member who brought out my groceries!) will come right to your car and load it for you!  This, in and of itself, was a priceless saving of time for my family!
  3. Substitutions!  If there is something you ordered that the store does not have, they will #substitute a better deal for the same money!!! I had ordered a 2.4 pound pack of ground beef.  Evidently, they did not have that size on hand, so they substituted a 4.5 pound package for – are you ready for this – THE SAME PRICE!  Instead of getting enough for that week’s planned spaghetti meal, I now was able to split the package into thirds and freeze two of them for other meals!
  4. No need to buy in bulk.  When I shop at Costco or BJ’s, I am buying in bulk. There’s a downside to that.  For one, I am buying more than I need for the week and have to find a place to store the excess. However, more problematic, is the issue it causes on my cash flow – I find I spend a few hundred dollars for a cart full of goods, but I only have several items rather than a well-rounded cart of groceries.  And, to make matters worse, I usually still have to drive to @Publix or @WinnDixie to pick up a few items that the club store doesn’t carry (for instance the brand of creamer that I use).
  5. The Savings Catcher!  Walmart has a function on it’s app called the #Savings Catcher. After you pick up your order, they will email you a receipt with a TC# on the bottom.  In the app, click on #Account, and then on Walmart App.  You will see a green button called “Savings Catcher”.  There you can enter your TC# and Walmart does the rest.  They will look at prices in your local area for the items your purchased and if there is a less expensive price, they will issue you a card with the difference!  My first grocery trip earned me a .16 cents #payback that I can leave in there and allow to accumulate until I decide to cash it in.
  6. No buying extraneous items and ruining your budget!  I found that since I was not #physically in the store, I was not tempted by “specials” and junk food that invariable  ruined my weekly budget.  What’s more, if I’m not buying cookies and chips, my family is not eating them!  A plus for a more healthful #diet!
  7. You know your total before checking out!  Instead of pushing your cart up to the check out, waiting in line, and watching as the total gets rung up (not knowing if you will be under your budget for the week), you can see your total in the app before you buy.  It’s a great way to make sure you stick to a spending plan.
  8. Save Money!  Because it is Walmart, I know I am getting a decent price on the items I buy.  For instance, after I picked up my first order, I stopped by @Publix to check the price of ground beef.  Walmart’s price was $3.00 a pound that day but, at Publix, the price was a whopping $4.49 a pound.  What a difference!
  9. Refer a friend and you both earn $10 off your next order!  There is a convenient function in the app that allows you to share your find.  If you refer a friend, you both get $10 off your next shopping trip!
  10. Convenient Reorder Function!  As if shopping from the app did not save you enough time already, Walmart has given you a “reorder” function in the app.  If you have basics that you use regularly, you will be able to find them there.  How easy is that?




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