Five Weeks in and Counting

Love is in the air.  February is just around the corner with it’s ever-so-romantic fourteenth day of the month.  With the savings we have accumulated, we knew we could plan a special night out for Valentine’s Day. But, first, a plan of attack for February, starting with Week One!

January 28, 2018 – February 3, 2018

With the month of January behind us, we were killin’ this new Food Budget Lifestyle.  We were eating better than ever. In fact, probably a bit too well!  I had put on a few very unwanted pounds.  UGH! So, for the next few weeks, I committed to find lighter fare for our meals.  I was thinking poultry.  Why not go for a turkey? I could get three meals out of that one turkey if I planned well, and, as long as it wasn’t smothered in gravy, relatively healthy.

Of course, I also took note of what I had on hand.  Tuna fish, several cans of tomato soup, A package of apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar, soy sauce, 2 boxes of quinoa, rice, dried pasta, plenty of beans – both canned and dried.  I had plenty of cheese (an assorted variety) in the fridge. In the freezer, thanks to last week’s sale at Winn Dixie, I had a turkey and ribeye steaks.  I wanted to keep the coming week’s budget low, since I had splurged on the ribeye steaks (they were, after all, only $4.99 a pound – I couldn’t resist) and invested in a $26.69 turkey ($1.69 a pound).

I knew I could get a few meals and some lunches out of one turkey, so I began the plan with that as my starting point.  I also kept true to finding meals that were on the lighter side.  What follows is the meal plan and grocery list for the week of Sunday, January 28 through Saturday, February 3rd.



Fruit Smoothies for mom, cereal or instant oatmeal for the kids, eggs for dad.  


Tomato soup, tuna fish sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, bottled water.  As for me, I like my salads topped with some grilled chicken strips that I cook on Sundays in preparation for the week.  


  • Sunday:  Roast Turkey and Sweet Potatoes
  • Monday:  Baked Cod with Lemon and Quinoa
  • Tuesday:  Turkey & Rice Soup (made from left overs)
  • Wednesday: Turkey Apple Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette
  • Thursday:  Crustless Ham and Cheese Quiche with Spring Mix Salad
  • Friday:    Charred Broccoli Feta Lemon Pasta
  • Saturday:   Homemade White Veggie Pizza. Spread the dough with garlic-infused oil, top with any vegetables you have on hand and mozzarella. I used a light touch on the mozzarella and whole wheat pizza dough to make this recipe a bit lighter.


Shopping Plan

Basics to Stock Up On:  1 gal. milk ($2,79)*, 2-18 count eggs (about $4.79), 1 qt. half and half ($2.24)4 cases Winn Dixie Brand soda (4/$11),  14 oz. mixed frozen fruit ($3.08), 5 lb. bag of flour ($2.30).**

Ingredients Needed for the Recipes:  diced ham ($2.47), 3 pack of tri-color bell peppers ($3.88), 3 lb. bag of sweet potatoes ($2.94), 4 oz. feta cheese ($1.72), 2 lemons ($1), broccoli ($1.88), tomatoes ($2.50), cod fillets 4 lbs.- enough to keep in the freezer ($17.52), whole wheat pizza dough ($3.22), Romaine lettuce ($1.78), raisons ($2.87), 3 lb. bag of fuji apples ($3.94), celery ($1.78), 8 oz. shredded cheddar ($2.22).


  • Walmart: $65, Other Stores $19 -TOTAL: $84

*Italicized items bought at BJ’s.  All other items bought through the Walmart Grocery App, with the exception of soda and flour which I needed to run out and get from Winn Dixie one night (to my  dismay I paid .52 cents more for the flour than I would have at Walmart).

** Addendum: After this post went to print, I realized we needed to add a bag of onions ($1.69 at BJ’s), coffee k-cups (2-12 count boxes for $12), and cereal ($4.99 at BJ’s). Add $19 to the sum for a Grand Total of $103.

Turkey Apple Salad

Turkey Apple Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette Topped with Pecans and Raisins


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