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Need an Extra $100 This Week?


Want to earn some money this week? Want that money to keep coming in week after week? Read on!

Sometimes earning are right under your nose and, yet, so hard to see. So is the case here…

As last year came to a close, I came to the realization that I was spending WAY TOO MUCH on – are you ready for this? – groceries!  You can see the details of that journey (and how I turned it around) here or on my blog at But that is not the subject of today’s post.  No, today I wanted to share how that realization led me to find several other places where our budget was leaking (in some cases, pouring) money.  In turn, there were some quick fixes I put in place that resulted in BIG SAVINGS. I wanted to pass on a few of those so you, too, can recoup an extra $100 this week!







If your doing the math, just those few tweaks to our lifestyle, saved us over $110 a week, close to $6,000 a year!  That’s some serious cash!

What are you waiting on?  Start this morning. Pick up the phone and call your health insurance pharmacy, buy a thermos, or negotiate your monthly contracts and pocket that money!

If you recognized some ideas that your family can use, then be sure to follow for even more ways to save money and invest $2.99 pop over to Amazon Kindle to grab my book, How to Save Thousands on a Food Budget Lifestyle, so you can be in the know that’s on how to save significant money on groceries on top of that $100 a week you just scored!


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