An Amazingly Frugal But Always Fabulous Food Buy

Looking for a perfect addition to your Food Budget Lifestyle? Need to add something to your meal repertoire that is nutritious, versatile, and economic? Can’t find something that works for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  Look no further! I’ve got an ingredient that fits the (dollar) bill!

The egg.


Eggs are extremely healthy.  They contain no sugar, no gluten, and no artificial anything! They are full of protein and give you what you need to power through your day.  If you are dieting, never fear! Eggs are ideal whether you are on a low calorie or low carb diet.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more versatile food.  You can scramble them in the morning, hard-boil them for lunch, and beat them into a quiche or souffle for dinner, and whip them into meringue for dessert!

Budget-friendly? Heck, YES! At about 17 cents per serving, you can’t afford not to include them in your meal plans! I buy mine at BJ’s where two 18-count packages  eggs (36 eggs) cost $4.79.  I know what you’re thinking, “What do you do with that many eggs?”  Since they last about three weeks after purchase, there’s no need to worry. Plus, did you know you could freeze them?  See here for instructions.  I don’t need to since my family of four easily goes through  36 eggs in three weeks. Here’s how:


  • Breakfast:  My husband loves eggs for breakfast during the week.  He usually eats a couple sunny-side up throughout the week.   On the weekends, we often join him in the egg-dulcence.  We love omelets with leftover veggies and cheese from the week, or simply scramble them for a high-protein start to the day.


  • Mid-Morning Snacks:  On Sunday night, I put about 6-8 eggs in a pot of water and hard-boil them for use during the week.  They make a great mid-morning snack at work since they are nutritious, packed with protein, and not loaded down with sugar. You can even use a muffin tin to bake your eggs or scramble them, with a bit of cheese and veggies, and have healthy egg-cups on hand.


  • School Lunches:  I have a bento box that I love!  Throw in a hard boiled egg, some sliced peppers, a few peanut butter spread crackers, and, presto, lunch is served!


  • Salads:  For those of you, like me, who often bring a salad to work, I’m always looking for ways to top the standard, boring Spring Salad Mix I buy.  Crumbled or sliced eggs, a bit of shredded cheese, and maybe some bacon bits does the trick!


  • Quiche for Dinner:  Rather than “breakfast for dinner”, my family loves quiches. If you are watching your weight, like we are, try them crustless.  There are tons of recipes on the Internet.


  • Dessert and Baking:  Whether making those out-of-this-world warm, delicious popovers or whipping up some macaroons or meringues, eggs are key!  If you do any kind of baking at all, you will definitely need eggs.


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