Chicken BBQ Kabobs with Smokey Rub & White BBQ Sauce

YUM! Doesn’t that name just sound delicious? Well, we gave it a shot, thanks to my sister passing on this Southern Living recipe, and it did, indeed, live up to expectations!

The full recipe can be found here. The key addition to these skewer stacks are the  Smokey BBQ Rub and White Sauce -they definitely kick it up a few notches! In fact, my husband wants to rename the dish to Kickin’ Chicken Kabobs!

This recipe is super simple to make-even for me, and that’s saying a lot!

We started by assembling the ingredients for the skewers.


Chunks of chicken sprinkled with the smokey BBQ rub, yellow peppers, purple onions, and cherry tomatoes, awaiting the skewers, a final dousing of smokey BBQ rub, and, at serving time, White BBQ Sauce.

Then, we prepared the rub. A simple mix of chipotle chili powder, brown sugar, garlic salt, cumin, and oregano tossed together in a bowl.

Big Sis, Karen, says: “I love this recipe. I use peppers, and zucchini in addition to the chicken, red onions, and cherry tomatoes on the skewers.”  

The white sauce is just as easy to prepare.  All you have to do is combine mayonnaise, vinegar, pepper, salt, sugar, and garlic.


Awaiting the grill:  Skewered cherry tomatoes, chicken, yellow peppers, and purple onions.

We loved this recipe!  It’s easy to put together, and, tastes amazing!  This is one to add to your repertoire!


What my husband likes to call “Kickin’ Chicken Kabobs” seasoned with smokey BBQ rub and drizzled with white BBQ sauce.


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