Can You Eat Ribeyes on a Budget?

A big, juicy, bone-in ribeye steak is the epitomy of eating well!  Paired with some roasted vegetables and, if you’d like, a pneumatic glass full of Pinot-Noir, and you’ve got Heaven-on-Earth!

Yes, you are at the right place! This is a blog on food budgeting. And, this week’s meal plan proves that you can eat like the best of ’em, even while watching your grocery bill.

The key is keeping your eyes open for a sale and being ready to pounce when it hits! A few weeks ago, the Winn-Dixie circular caught my eye with a special on bone-in, ribeye for $4.99 a pound!  The sale was running for two days only and, by the time I arrived at the store on the morning of the second day, there were only a few packages left – four to be exact. Two had 3 steaks in them, one had 2, and one had 1.  After a moment’s hesitation (did I really want to shell out about $30 bucks), my palette got the best of me and I scooped up all four!  As I sat down to plan this week’s menu, I smiled to myself at my (self-ingratiating) foresight and wisdom. I knew I could keep this week’s budget low and still have those ribeyes to savor , a good size pre-divided pork loin from a special a few weeks ago at Costco, and chicken.  This cache allow me to avoid buying meat this week. However, I used the savings to have a stock up a week on things like soda, peanut butter/jelly, and the like. So while I spent much more than usual this week, I plan to cut next week’s expenses – and the week after – to bare bones!


February 11- 17, 2018


Smoothies for mom, cereal or instant oatmeal for the kids, eggs for dad.  


For the kids, the pantry still had tomato soup, tuna fish, and PB & J.  As for me, I like my salads topped with some grilled chicken or hard boiled eggs. Dad usually eats leftovers.


On Hand

1 lb Ribeyes, chicken thighs, pork loin,  fig glaze, spices (including the Montreal Spice), chicken stock, mashed potatoes in a box (don’t judge me!), shredded mozzerella, chopped walnuts, salad dressings

Shopping Plan

Basics to Stock Up On:

  • WALMART: 3 lb. mixed frozen fruit ($9.98), 3 pudding mixes (.68-.98 ea.), 66 oz. color safe bleach (4.54), 5 lb. rice ($2.32), 4 lb. sugar ($1.98), 16 oz. powdered creamer ($3.17), several bottles of soda (.84 cents ea.).
  • BJ’s WHOLESALE: cereal ($5.49), 1 gal. milk ($2,79), 2-18 ct. eggs (about $5.29), bread ($4.50),  coffee K-Cups ($45), 2 large peanut butter ($9.50), 2 large jelly ($3.99), red onions ($2.50), 4 packages butter ($10.99), grapes ($7.50), large bag frozen mango ($9.99), tortillas ($3.30), provolone cheese ($7.50), cheddar/muenster ($7.50). 

Ingredients Needed for the Recipes:  

  • WALMART: Hambeen’s 15 Bean Soup mix ($2.26), fresh green beans ($2.48), Canadian bacon ($3.48), 1 lb. bowtie pasta ($1.38), cherry tomatoes ($2.98), bell pepper ($3.88 -3 pack), 8 oz. asparagus ($2.47), 32 oz. frozen corn ($2.22), whole grain pizza crust mix ($3.98), romaine lettuce ($1.78), 13. oz. minced garlic ($2.68), gourmet garden basil tube ($3.74).
 Walmart $70 (minus a $10 referral code for sharing the app with a friend). BJ’s $125.76.

GRAND TOTAL -$185.00





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