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Aldi’s or Walmart?


The never ending search to find the most affordable prices.  Walmart has an incredible following, but, precocious, newcomer Aldi’s is growing fast! Who has the best prices? I set out to begin a foray into this query!

I am a devoted Walmart gal. I use their app (read about it here) and love their order ahead and pick up service! What could be more convenient than shopping from your couch and letting someone else do the actual shopping? But, if it means I can save money, I’m always open to new ideas!


That particular’s week’s theme was Big Sis Steps In, a week of delicious recipes all forwarded by my sister in Maryland which you can see here. They were delicious, but the week was running a bit pricier than my usual meal plan; it was definitely a good week for finding the lowest possible prices.

And, so it was, one Saturday morning, that I decided to pay Aldi’s a visit for my weekly shop, but not before preparing my list, of course! I had already entered all the ingredients in my Walmart app, but did not hit the check out button.  That way, I had the prices for each item at my fingertips.

Here is what I found that ran a bit cheaper (or the same as) at Aldi’s (at least on that day):



And, here is what I was on my list that was a better buy at Walmart than at Aldi’s:

WALMART: 1/2 gal. half and half ($3.98)mayonnaise ($2.98), 2- 16 oz. frozen mango chunks ($2.05 ea.), 16 oz. frozen pineapple ($2), 2 -16 oz. frozen peaches ($2.52 each), 1 pt. cherry tomatoes ($2.98), shallots ($1.78),  fresh parsley (.98), jerk sauce ($1.98), orange juice ($2.58), scallions (.58 cents), 12 oz. large shrimp (peeled, deveined) ($5.96), zucchini (.92), 1 can chickpeas (.72), ground coriander ($3.97).

As you can see, there are a few items that were a better buy at Aldi’s, but it was only by a few shekels.  All said and done, I found seven items that were a better buy at Aldi’s and 14 (twice as many) that were a better buy at Walmart, or simply not available at Aldi’s. The total saved on those 7 items from Aldi was about $4.00 give or take a few coins.

In my mind, it was not worth the extra time and effort based on the list I was buying.  This is especially true once I factor in the benefits and convenience of the Walmart app.  I recommend that you do your own experiment to see how your list fares at the two stores. For me, I will stick with Walmart!

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