THRIFTY – Weekly Meal Plan Feb. 18- 24, 2018

The theme for the week, is “thrifty.” Last week, we did a big buy at BJ’s to stock up on items. We refilled our addiction with a big box of Dunkin’ Donuts K-Cups (don’t judge me – I’m allowed an indulgence or two!), two large jars of peanut butter and two of jelly, a large supply of frozen fruit for my smoothies, a four count of butter, and so on.  While the cost per ounce was great, the final bill was not —  $185!  OMG! This was way more than the typical $100 per week we were spending, so I knew that we’d have to stay to a bare bones budget in the next two weeks to even it out! If I was to indulge in my Dunkin Donuts (about $45 for a 72 count box), I had to cut back elsewhere.

That doesn’t mean we have to eat ramen, though! If we did, I’d have a rebellion on my hands from everyone except my teenage son…He’d love that!

Nope, with a bit of creativity and the wise use of what we had on hand, I knew I could swing a $75 week.

Weekly Meal Plan

February 18- 24, 2018


Ingredients Needed for the Recipes:  

  • Sunday: Cod in freezer, carrots on hand, need one lemon
  • Monday – All ingredients on hand
  • Tuesday –  Canned chickpeas & kalamata olives on hand, need tahini, celery, cucumbers
  • Thursday –  Frozen corn and black beans on hand, need 1 1/2 lbs chicken breast, 14.4 oz. can diced tomatoes with mild green chilies, fresh cilantro, 13.3 oz. fat free chicken broth; on hand can of black beans.
  • Friday – pork roast in the freezer and sweet potatoes in the pantry
  • Saturday – Hambeen’s 15 Bean Soup Mix in pantry


Hummous with Pita and Olives!

Shopping Plan

Basics to Stock Up On:  1 gal. milk ($2,79)*, 16 oz. spring salad mix (3.99), 64 fl. oz. half and half ($3.98),  whole wheat bread ($1.88), saffron yellow rice ($1.18), 12 eggs ($1.78), 2 pudding mixes (.68-.98 each), 3 cake mixes ($3), 45 oz. jar of Orville Redenbacher popcorn kernels ($4.98), white grape juice ($4.28), passion fruit juice ($1.38), spinach (2.68)

Ingredients to buy:  One lemon (.50 cents), one cucumber (.68 cents),14.4 oz. can diced tomatoes with mild green chilies (.88 cents), fresh cilantro (.98 cents), chicken broth (.98), yellow rice ($1.18 per pouch/bought 3), 15 oz. tahini ($6.47), pita bread ($2.50 each/ bought 3),  deli meunster and cheddar ($7.50), skinless boneless chicken breasts(about $7).

What will we spend this week?

GRAND TOTAL $68 (Walmart: $ 47.01; BJ’s $21) 

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