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How to Shop Your Kitchen March 4th-10th


The numbers are staggering!  Americans throw out tons of food each year. What a waste!    Think of the money that could be saved by taking stock each week and using what’s on hand!

A key trick to keeping my grocery bill low is to start by shopping my kitchen.  First, I check the freezer. Why? Because that is where most of the protein is kept and protein tends to be the most expensive ingredient in any given meal. Then, I go to the pantry. There I’ll find canned beans, canned meats (tuna, crab meat), soups, mixes, pastas, and all sorts of other staples. Lastly, I look in the refridgerator to see if there are any other items that I can use up throughout the week.  As I take stock of what I have on hand, I begin thinking of meals or make a mental note to do a quick Internet search for a recipe to incorporate the ingredient I have.  This week’s “shop” was a perfect example of how to keep your food bill low by using what you have on hand.

Let’s take this week’s “shop” as a perfect case study. In the freezer, I found a pork loin, some ribeye steaks, and some chicken. In the pantry, some canned crab. It came to me immediately.  Why not do a week featuring of some of our favorite recipes from the past few months?  A delicious maple-brined pork loin (with popovers, of course), savory grilled ribeyes, can’t-get-enough- crab-cakes, and that amazing white chicken chili we made about a month back. What made this plan even more delicious was that we had nearly all of the ingredients on hand!  That made me feel so much better about that expensive hair appointment I had last night at my local Aveda salon! Let’s face it, it’s all about choices and I choose beauty!

The truth is, sometimes, you need look no further than your own pantry to discover a week’s worth of  good eats! And, so it was with this week’s plan for the week of March fourth through the tenth.


March 4- 10, 2018


Smoothies for mom, cereal or instant oatmeal for the kids, eggs for dad.  


Tomato soup, tuna fish, PB & J, salads topped with grilled chicken or hard boiled eggs, or leftovers.


On Hand

chicken breasts, pork loin, canned crab meat, spaghetti, ground beef, tomato sauce, bread crumbs, ribeyes


Shopping Plan

Basics to Stock Up On:

Ingredients Needed for the Recipes:  




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