Buy this…Save $$$

There are so many gadgets out there…believe, me, I have built a small arsenal of them.  My cache includes the Nutribullet for my morning smoothies, my indoor, smokeless grill for chicken and steaks, that ol’ workhorse – the Kitchen-Aid Mixer, and, of course, the necessary and beloved coffee maker, to name just a few. But, out of all of my utilitarian appliances, there are only a few that I can say help me actually save money.  And, of those, the primary one Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Maker!

I’ve had this “old-fashioned” popper for about six years and I’ve used it too many times to count! I can’t imagine eating microwave popcorn – not just because of the expense (let’s face it, buying popcorn as a “convenience” microwave snack is going to cost ya’) but also because of the quality. I find “real” popcorn, the kind made with oil and popped in a popcorn maker to be far superior, hands down!


Buying kernels in a jar versus in microwaveable bags that probably run twice as much per ounce, is probably far healthier (especially if you invest in an air popper) and, hands down, far cheaper, than potato chips, cheese puffs, or most other assorted munchies in the grocery snack aisle.  Besides, c’mon, who doesn’t like popcorn?!!

A good popcorn popper will run you about $35-$45.00 depending upon the brand. This one, by Presto is available at Walmart for about $35.99.  Considering how often we use ours, that is well worth it!  We also buy Orville Redenbacher popping corn (I’ve tried other brands, and keep coming back to this one!), which runs about $4.28 for 30 oz. at Walmart and should provide a good dozen or so heaping bowls of popcorn! As far as snacks go, you can’t find much to rival that price per handful!

So, next time you are thinking of your next appliance to outfit your kitchen with, consider a popcorn popper. I bet it will pay for itself in no time flat!





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