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Top three appliances to Cut Your Food Budget

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There are so many gadgets out there…believe, me, I have built a small arsenal of them.  My cache includes the Nutribullet for my morning smoothies, my indoor, smokeless grill for chicken and steaks, that ol’ workhorse – the Kitchen-Aid Mixer, and, of course, the necessary and beloved coffee maker, to name just a few. But, out of all of my utilitarian appliances, there are only a few that I can say help me actually save money.  

A Vacuum Sealer

Freezer burn, food past its prime, and not having to buy small portions at the grocery store – all reasons to invest in this appliance! Vacuum seal items to extend their shelf life in the fridge or freezer. What’s more, with a vacuum sealer, you can buy in bulk. Steaks, chicken breasts, and large cuts of beef are going to be less per pound when purchased in larger quantities. Additionally, if there’s sale, you can stock up! Over the course of a year, that can save you hundreds of dollars! With this gadget, you can separate out the items and put them in individual sealed bags. You can vary the size of the sealed packages depending on the size of your family or if you are planning a large dinner. Here’s a great one that I found did the trick!

Vacuum Sealer Machine, ZUUKOO Automatic Food Saver, Dry/Moist/Manual/Seal Modes Food Sealer, One-Touch Operation, High Suction Air Sealing System for Food Preservation(10 Bags In)

Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Maker

I’ve had this “old-fashioned” popper for about six years and I’ve used it too many times to count! I can’t imagine eating microwave popcorn – not just because of the expense (let’s face it, buying popcorn as a “convenience” microwave snack is going to cost ya’) but also because of the quality. “Real” popcorn, the kind made with oil and popped in a popcorn maker – come on! What’s not to love?!

Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels, Original Yellow, 8 Lb

Buying kernels in a jar versus in small, microwaveable bags allows you to control what goes in it and it will cost you a fraction of the cost!  Popcorn is a far cheaper alternative than potato chips, cheese puffs, or most other assorted munchies in the grocery snack aisle.  So, next time you are thinking of your next appliance to outfit your kitchen with, consider this popcorn popper. I bet it will pay for itself in no time flat!

An Awesome Vegetable Peeler

OXO Good Grips Y Peeler, one size, multi

This may seem less obvious, but stay with me here. Most of us buy lots of veggies…and throw out lots of veggies that have gone bad. What a waste of our grocery budget! I try to take stock of my fridge once a week and see what’s in there that I can use. If I bought carrots to make soup and there’s half a bag still in the veggie drawer of the fridge, I’ll peel and slice and keep them on hand for ready-to-grab snacks.


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