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Where do YOU buy your Meat?


Just a few months back, prior to my revelation that I was wasting thousands needlessly on groceries, I used to shop at our local grocery store and (ugh), admittedly I often didn’t even shop the sales! Then came New Year’s and my investment in Quicken software. Suddenly (and shamefully!), I realized that I was spending what could be a car payment on excess cereal, meat, and snacks! Hell, nooooooo!  And, so, began this crazy, but fruitful venture into a Food Budget Lifestyle that has saved our family literally thousands! If you are interested in reading more, check out my book on Amazon Kindle.

Recently, I read about Zaycon Fresh, and I knew I had to try it! I can’t even remember how I learned about it. Did I get an email in my inbox? Did I see it on someone else’s blog? I suppose it doesn’t matter. The point is, the deal was too good to not give it a shot.

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Let me back up, though, and explain. Zaycon Fresh is a company that sells top quality meat and seafood.  Fresh, boneless skinless chicken breast, wild caught Argentina shrimp, hickory smoked bacon, pulled pork, Wild Alaskan cod fillets, ground beef, the list goes on and on. The prices are amazing but you have to buy in bulk and delivery is on a specific date and time set in advance.

Now, I realized, when I tried to describe this to my husband and some of my family members and friends, it sounds a bit sketchy. The description goes something like this: I found this company – it’s a national company (I throw that in there because I already realize this is sounding a bit fuzzy) – and they sell meat out of the back of a refrigerated truck. (and oh, did I mention my husbands’ name is Vinnie?) You can get a great deal, but you have to buy in bulk and go pick it up at church or a set location. You order it about a few weeks in advance and the price is super cheap. Do you want to split an order with me?

Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try and my “sure, I’ll give it a shot” friend Julie went in with me!

The introductory offer with a welcome code allowed us to purchase 40 lb. of fresh, boneless skinless chicken breast for $39.60! I took 30 lbs for my family of four and Julie took 10 lbs.  Bear in mind that at about $12 for 5 pound elsewhere, that would have cost about $100!  That’s a $60 dollar savings!

The day of the event we received an email saying the driver had hit traffic and would be about 30 minutes late. No problem. We drove about 40 minutes to the church, there was a short line of cars waiting for the truck marked with Zaycon logo. We only waited in line maybe five minutes and when we got to the front of the line, the a woman checked our receipt while a man in the back of the refrigerated truck retrieved our box.  She put a sheet of plastic down in the trunk and put the box on top (the chicken is fresh, never frozen), we exchanged a few pleasantries, including their high recommendation to try the bacon and the shrimp next time, and away we went!

We got home and open the box and my husband, our family chef, went to work on splitting the butterflied chicken breast and putting them in freezer bags. They looked beautiful – fresh, no grizzle., smooth and clean. It took about 30-40 minutes to split all the breasts and put them in the bags.


I couldn’t wait to try them, so I cooked one up and had it over  a salad to test it out. Would it make the grade?


We’d be back for more! In fact, just yesterday, we placed our second Zaycon order with Julie (she says it seems so Mafia like that I’ve started calling her Bugsy when we planned who got what!).  We ordered a case of the wild caught Argentina shrimp and a case of ground beef.  (I think Bugsy went rogue and ordered the hickory bacon on her own!).

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