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The Week of Cheap ‘n Easy


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Well, we’ve had a fun few weeks, huh? A week of the Bayou State with Shrimp Po Boys, and Cajun Pasta and then a trip to Thailand with sumptious Pad Thai, among other peanut-laden and lemongrass delicacies. Then, with Passover, hitting, we invested in some ethnic specialty items, like matzo and matzo ball soup mix. Delicious and, while not over the top expensive, they were not as down right cheap as some of our best weeks ov the past.

It’s time to get back to basics and down to the business of true cheap eats! Now, before you click off the page, hang on…You should know by now that we here at pride ourselves in delicious tasting food on a budget (check out some of our past favorites here) so even though we are talking cheap, we are not abandoning our roots. This will be as tasty a week as ever so stay tuned and check this out!




Costco: 1 gal. milk ($2,79), TP ($18), 18 large eggs ($5),  

Winn Dixie:   10 bottles Winn Dixie Brand soda (.79 ea.)  – $7.90

Walmart:  2 cans Cream of Mushroom soup ($1.98), 30fl.oz Blue Plate Mayo ($2.94), 2.25lbs. Ground Chuck ($7.96), 5lbs. Potatoes ($3.77), 32oz. Monterey Jack Cheese ($7.97), 8oz. Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese ($2.76), 2 Green Peppers ($1.56), 2 Lemons ($1.00)

(most ingredients on hand from other weeks post shopping trips)

GRAND TOTAL – About $68




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