Preparing for Finals Week with Comfort Food


School is winding down and end of year finals are picking up.  This week calls for some delicious and hearty food to keep two high school juniors going during the stress of the final weeks of class. Kids work hard these days and there are so many pressures on them.  For my two, in addition to dealing with their finals, they are studying for the SAT and ACTs tests, involved in co-curricular activities, and, beginning to narrow their top choices for college.  There are tours of campuses to fit in during the month and all the pressure that comes with the competition to get in to the universities of their choice.


I figured, with all this going on, why not plan a week of comfort food and a few of my kids’ favorites, like Pad Thai and Enchiladas?  While I can’t waive a magic wand and make all the stress disappear, perhaps a few good family meals that include some all-time family favorites will help ease the journey.  Here’s what this week will bring to the table!

  • SUNDAY:  The Best Parmesan Chicken Bake see recipe here.
  • MONDAY;  Pork Roast and Popovers
  • TUESDAY:  Easy Pad Thai  see recipe here.
  • WED: Spaghetti Night
  • THURSDAY:   Beef Enchiladas II see recipe here.
  • FRIDAY: Home made pizza night
  • SATURDAY: Cuban Black Beans and Yellow Rice

After taking stock of what I have on hand, here’s what I needed for each day:

  • Sunday – Need a 2 cups marinara sauce and  1 (5 ounce) package garlic croutons
  • Monday – Pork Roast, flour
  • Tuesday – roasted peanuts (unsalted), green onions
  • Thursday -1 pound ground beef, 1 onion, 1 1.5 ounce package dry enchilada sauce mix, flour tortillas, 2 c. shredded cheddar cheese, 1 2.25 oz can sliced black olives
  • Saturday – yellow rice, bell peppers


Costco: 1 gal. milk ($2,79), mixed greens for salad ($6), Assorted bell peppers ($6.), onions ($1.49), pork loin ($11), cereal ($5.98)  –Total $33.26

Winn Dixie:   10 bottles Winn Dixie Brand soda (.79 ea.), fresh basil ($1.99)  – $10

Walmart:  Marinara sauce ($1.50), garlic croutons (.98), flour ($1), unsalted peanuts ($2.48), 1 pound ground beef ($3.14), dry enchilada sauce mix ($1.18), 1 can enchilada sauce ($1.38), 32 ox. shredded cheddar ($7.97), sliced black olives, 2.25 oz ($1.38),  yellow rice ($1.18). other add ons – passion fruit juice (for smoothies) ($2.98), 2 loaves whole wheat bread (.98 ea)




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