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Thai Turkey Lettuce Cups

I am proud to report, that even though I’m only a one week in, the diet is a success! Down five pounds and going strong!  My motivation is reinforced by the drop I’m seeing on the scale, so I am stoked and ready for week two.

My husband, our family chef, has been amazingly supportive (despite a few annoying reminders about my portions when I reach for an extra melba cracker! hmph!). What’s really cool is that my teenage daughter decided to join me on this journey. It will really help to have a compadre!

Shout out to those FELLOW DIETERS Angel referred to follow http://www.cashcrashblog!I hope this site will be a great resource! I welcome your comments, ideas, and diet-friendly recipes!! Don’t be shy about sharing your insights!

I’m being very strict about sticking to the regiment. Breakfast is typically steel-cut oats, a fruit and either 1/2 yogurt or steamed, frothed skim milk in coffee. Lunch is a complex carb, a dairy serving, and a veggie serving. Dinner allows for 4.5 oz. of protein, with a serving of veggies and a complex carb.

There are also a few low cal snacks thrown in – a piece of fruit mid-morning. and, in the evening, a fruit and a 1/2 dairy (usually non-fat yogurt).

My main challenge is drinking enough water!  I’m keeping a bottle next to me at all times to remind myself to drink, drink, drink!


  • Turkey Wrap
  • Chef Salad
  • Tuna with non-fat mayo (if I choose to use 1/2 my daily protein serving), lettuce, & tomato on 2 slices of diet whole wheat bread
  • Nonfat cottage cheese on top of a salad of arugula, red onions, bell peppers; 6 slices of melba toast
  • Non-fat american cheese on whole wheat toast with a Sugar Snap Peas
  • Whole Wheat Pasta Salad (whole wheat pasta tossed with assorted veggies such as diced bell peppers, chopped asparagus, broccoli, crowns, cherry tomatos, and/or arugula)


  • Sunday –  Turkey Chorizo – this is a one dish wonder that includes protein, a complex carb, and vegetables. Remember to prepare the turkey chorizo a day in advance and refrigerate overnight.
  • Monday: Baked Cod served with lemon, oil-free fries, salad with non-fat dressing
  • Tuesday:  Broiled Chicken Breasts, sprayed with a few shots of spray butter and dusted with Herbs de Provence.  On the side, steamed asparagus, and Jordanian Roasted Chickpeas.  Herbs de Provence is an aromotic blend of lavendar and other seasonings. You can find this specialty seasoning in many grocery stores, but Williams Sonoma has the best I’ve tasted!
  • Wednesday: Thai Turkey Lettuce Cups (hold the chopped peanuts for me!). This recipe is a family favorite – diet or no diet! However, the traditional directions require 3 T. of canola oil. We are going to experiment by substituting sodium-free chicken broth for the oil. Instead of brown sugar, substitute Brown Sugar Stevia. Oh, and be sure to use sodium-free soy sauce (soy sauce is not on my diet, so this is a bit of a splurge).
  • Thursday: Grilled Shrimp with Garlic served with California Pasta Salad – To make this strictly diet-friendly, use whole wheat pasta and non-fat Italian salad dressing. Leave out the parmeson cheese (but you could choose crumbled feta, if you’d like) and the olives.


  • Saturday: Slow Cooker Vegan Enchilada Quinoa Chili – This recipe includes directions for homemade enchilada sauce that is diet friendly as long as your tomato paste is sugar free or substitute Ragu Lite or Healthy Choice Spaghetti Sauce.

EVENING TREAT:Splenda Baked Apples (I plan to use Honey Crisp Apples rather than the Granny Smith.)

2 pounds Ground turkey breast ($7.46), 3 medium red potatoes (.29 ea.), onion powder (.98), gourmet garden basil tube ($3.98),  reduced-sodium soy sauce ($1.62),  2 English cucumber ($1.98 ea), organic matchstick-cut carrots ($1.96), fresh mint($1.98), whole wheat linguini ($1), 2 medium zucchini (.98 ea),1 large red onion ($1.18), 2 cans (2-1/4 ounces each) sliced ripe olives ($1.38 ea), poppy seeds ($3.97), celery seed ($3.97), lettuce ($1.68), cucumber (.78), sugar free tomato paste (.62), 2-Honey Crisp apples ($2.08 ea), low sodium or preferably sodium free chicken broth ($1.44), 3 sweet potatoes (.78 ea),24 large shrimp, shelled and deveined ($6.74 for 12 oz.), -TOTAL=$62.17 
PUBLIX: Stevia brown sugar, 2 oz.plain fat free yogurt, nonfat cottage cheese 
FARM STAND: hydroponic lettuce leaves,tomatoes,1 sweet red pepper, assorted fruits to snack on (melons, apricots, berries),
Onions, 4 bell peppers, skim milk,eggs, canola oil,non-fat yogurt
Williams-Sonoma: Saffron, Herbs de Provence -$38.90, A splurge, yes- but this will last a looong time! 
ALL OTHER INGREDIENTS ON HAND - This list reflects what I need to buy, not all the ingredients in all the recipes. 
appetite apple close up delicious

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