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The third week!

I’m in the groove with this diet and I am very proud of myself for not cheating!  Even when we have been out and about town, and stopped for a nosh, I have ordered boiled shrimp and veggies. In fact, I found the shrimp so satisfying, that I made a special visit to a fresh fish market and bought some shrimp to steam at home.  By the way,   while there I learned that there are pink shrimp and white shrimp – although, when you boil them, they both come out pink.  I bought some of both and had a private taste test.  While I found myself favoring the white shrimp, my husband was partial to the pink.  I did some research and found that there are also brown shrimp! Who knew.  According to Serious Eats, the pink are the most preferred and the brown are the least preferred. It may be worth doing a test on your own to see what you find most appealing!

Seafood is very diet-friendly and healthy, so I’ve incorporated a few seafood meals this week.  I hope you enjoy what I’ve got planned!


  • SUNDAY: Broiled Salmon with steamed asparagus.

  • MONDAY:   Salad Nicoise   – I LOVE this recipe for Salad Nicoise and, with the red potatoes, it meets my requirements to include a complex carb at dinner along with veggies and protein (tuna). NOTE: I will use a nonfat Italian dressing instead of the dressing recipe on the website.
  • TUESDAY: Baked Chicken Breasts dusted with Herbs De Provence, whole wheat pasta with spray butter and minced garlic.  I see herbs de Provence at the grocery store and in specialty food shops, but, I swear, the best I’ve tasted comes from Williams Sonoma (find it here). I attribute it to the heavy helping of lavendar in the mix! I splurged and ordered some last week, but, I must admit that I found their portion size to have been reduced substantially since the last time I ordered it. Nonetheless,  here is basic chicken and herbs de Provence recipe I found for this evening’s meal. The recipe does call for olive oil, which, on my diet, I am not allowed. We will use the recipe for the family’s servings, but on my portion, we’ll substitute a bit of spray olive oil instead.
  • WEDNESDAY: Easy Poached Fish in Tomato Basil Sauce – Note that this recipe provides an option for dry white wine or more chicken broth. Fellow dieters, opt for the latter! Serve with brown rice or kasha and Haricots Verts with shallots.
  • THURSDAY:  Broiled Steak, Kasha, and Weight Watcher’s Roasted Butternut Squash Soup. Check this Butternut Soup out here! This recipe calls for a bit of salt, but I plan to leave it out.  This will fulfill my vegetable portions at dinner or make a great lunch!
  • FRIDAY: Prego No Sugar Tomato Sauce cooked with ground turkey over whole wheat pasta. 
  • SATURDAY: Chicken Shawarma with Yogurt Sauce This recipe will meet my protein, veggie, dairy, and complex carb requirement! Be sure to use whole wheat pita’s!



NOTE: Start by taking stock of what you have on hand. The following list represents what I need, but not all the ingredients needed for each recipe. 

Farm Stand: Asparagus, assorted fruits including a watermelon, 10 ounces haricots verts or thin green beans, 1 shallot, 3 pints of cherry tomatoes, hydroponic lettuce, 6 radishes, fresh basil leaves, 1 small fresh apple

BJs:  Eggs, Skim Milk, non fat yogurt, onions, cereal, canola oil, water, cheese

Walmart: 1 pound red-skinned potatoes, sliced 1/3 inch thick,  4 chicken breasts, 2 pounds steak, large uncooked vidalia onion, ground turkey, ¾ cup whole-milk plain yogurt, divided, ground allspice, 2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken thighs, ½ cup finely chopped seeded cucumber, cilantro and/or parsley, 3 whole-wheat lavash.

Order online from Walmart: No Sodium, No Fat Chicken Broth


Butternut Squash Soup at

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