Low Calorie but Delicious

Our summer theme has been “low calorie/low fat”!  I know that doesn’t sound like much fun, but it’s not all bad. We’ve been eating lots of scumptious seafood, enjoying pasta (albeit whole wheat pasta), and visiting the farm stand for locally grown fruits and vegetables.  Yeah, it was tough to forego the popcorn when we saw Ocean’s 8, but I am back in pants that have been hanging out in the back corner of the closet for – well, let’s just say, for some time.  That kind of makes up for the popcorn, in my book!

This week the low calorie dishes continue with seafood, ground turkey, and chicken at the primary players in the menu.


Sunday: Seared Scallops with Fennel and Tomatoes and breadsticks

Monday:  Broiled Chicken with Herbs de Provence served with asparagus

Tuesday:  Whole Wheat Pasta with Tomato Sauce and Ground Turkey

Wednesday:  Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken with a side arugula salad and melba toast. This site includes a recipe for Green Goddess Sauce which totally falls within my diet guidelines as long as I use non-fat mayo.

Thursday: Arugula, Dried Cherry and Wild Rice Salad (dressing on the side).

Friday:  Turkey Lettuce Cups (sauce on the side) with Melba Toast (6 slices = 1 complex carbohydrate serving). This recipe is a staple in our family and it appears regularly on my menu plans. Since dieting, we’ve tweaked it a bit, avoiding oil and making sure the chopped peanuts are served on the side.


NOTE: Start by taking stock of what you have on hand. The following list represents what I need after seeing what I had on hand. The list is not a complete list of all the ingredients needed for each recipe, just those that I need given what’s already in my pantry. 

Farm Stand: Assorted fruits ($6.00), asparagus ($1.69) , hydroponic lettuce ($1), tomatos

BJs:  Eggs, Skim Milk, non fat fruit yogurt, onions, cereal, bottled water, cheese, arugula.  This is our usual BJ’s list. BJ’s is usually less expensive on these items, so the extra trip is worth it to us.  We usually spend about $30 – $40 here.

Walmart:  chicken breasts, wild rice, dried cranberries, whole wheat pasta, nonfat american cheese (for lunches), fennel, shredded carrots


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