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Hi! I’m just a working mom trying to make ends meet.

My unruly food bill led me to an epiphany:  If I don’t rule my finances, they will surely rule me.    I found that being systematic and strategic about our food bill, makes me happy!  This was a big surprise for me because it seemed counterintuitive – If I was cutting back on expenses, wouldn’t that make me feel resentful?  Nope – The truth of the matter was that I was expanding my locus of control and becoming enthused and engaged in this venture.



Here are weekly menu plans with recipes and grocery lists!  What I paid for all items are included so you can see how to eat for under $137 a week.  You’ll find tricks and services that help you save time and money, e.g. How this Product Changed My Life and the Ten Ways this App Saves You Money. My posts contain useful, real-world, family-tested ideas that you can use to save yourself thousands of dollars every year!

I’ve even done a bit of comparison shopping and posted my results along with where to shop.  I


You’ll learn ways to cut your restaurant bill, pack budget-friendly, kid approved lunches, and how to kick the drive through habit!

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I get commissions from purchases made through links in my posts.