The story begins here


Once upon a time…

there was a stressed out princess trying to feed a family of four on a budget.  Then, she looked over her kingdom and, low and behold, she took control of her (not so many) riches, and tamed the fire-breathing dragon that was her food bill.  Here is not just her story, but, more importantly her ways!

Okay, the truth is, I’m not a princess…just a working mom trying to make ends meet.


My unruly food bill led me to an epiphany:  If I don’t rule my finances, they will surely rule me.

Every week I will publish a menu plan that includes recipes and my grocery list – both for staples for the pantry, as well as anything I need for the recipes.  I will share with you the weekly tab so you can see how we are able to eat for under $137 a week.  I will update you on new tricks or services that help you save time and money, e.g. How this Product Changed My Life and the Ten Ways this App Saves You Money.  From time to time, I will do a bit of comparison shopping and post my results on the results of my research and where to shop.  I will even update you on ways to cut your restaurant bill, pack budget-friendly, kid approved lunches, and how to kick the drive through habit! In short, I will do the leg work that will help you cut that unwieldy food bill in half!  My posts will contain useful, real-world, family-tested ideas that you can use to save yourself thousands of dollars every year!

By following this blog, you will receive a weekly meal plan and grocery list (like this one for $100 week), tips for saving money, ideas for eating out for less, recipes for great food (even on a budget, it’s important to eat well!), reviews of products that may change your life, and more!

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I would love to hear from folks about their experiences, tips, recipes, and ideas to save money on their food bill. Write to me at or leave messages on this site.

If you are looking for a great overview of how I got started, the five steps to success, and weekly meal plans & grocery lists for a month, look here to see a copy of my book, How to Save Thousands on a Food Budget Lifestyle!



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