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Buy this…Save $$$

There are so many gadgets out there…believe, me, I have built a small arsenal of them.  My cache includes the Nutribullet for my morning smoothies, my indoor, smokeless grill for chicken and steaks, that ol’ workhorse – the Kitchen-Aid Mixer, and, of course, the necessary and beloved coffee maker, to name just a few. But, out of all of my

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Kick that Drive-Thru Habit

  Aaaaah, the drive thru… That all-too convenient and even more enticing invention of the 1950s.  What an all-American concept – food on the run! WAIT!  I bet you never added up how much you and the family spend on coffees, sodas, and fast food from the drive-thru.  We never did (don’t judge me!).  Then, I bought Quicken as part

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Lunches for Less

Even before I started this New Year’s Resolution, I was aware that the #money we were spending on lunches was adding up.  I had stopped eating at the cafe at work months earlier – I was getting tired of paying $7-$11 every time I grabbed a salad or sandwich and soft drink.  And, with two growing #teens at home, both of

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