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The Week of Cheap ‘n Easy

  Well, we’ve had a fun few weeks, huh? A week of the Bayou State with Shrimp Po Boys, and Cajun Pasta and then a trip to Thailand with sumptious Pad Thai, among other peanut-laden and lemongrass delicacies. Then, with Passover, hitting, we invested in some ethnic specialty items, like matzo and matzo ball soup mix. Delicious and, while not

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Passover Cometh!

It’s Spring and the time of rebirth is upon us. Easter and Passover are in the air and while we are not a particularly religiously active family, we do tend to celebrate the big holidays – Passover among them. Passover is the holiday commemorating Moses leading the Jews out of the bondage of  slavery and delivering them to the promised

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Homage to the Bayou State

Louisiana…Just the name of it conjures up all sorts of images. One of my favorite memories are those ancient live oak trees replete with Spanish moss hanging like lace fabric that has been tossed around the branches with abandon. Or, who can’t help but picture the jazz bands playing on Bourbon Street, the scents of different flavors permeating the heavy

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I knew this day was inevitable, “out of the kitchen and onto the keyboard.” Notes from the chef…(& his daughter)

When starting this blog I thought I could just keep my regular gig and be the guy in the kitchen taking the instructions, putting the pieces together and presenting the finished products.  I forgot that isn’t how this relationship runs… I knew at some point I would have to share in the hard work of planning and writing a piece

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