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How to Shop Your Kitchen March 4th-10th

The numbers are staggering!  Americans throw out tons of food each year. What a waste!    Think of the money that could be saved by taking stock each week and using what’s on hand! A key trick to keeping my grocery bill low is to start by shopping my kitchen.  First, I check the freezer. Why? Because that is where

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The Week of Quick and Easy – Our Meal Plan for February 25th – March 4th

The Week of Quick and Easy! Things have been hectic around our house.  Everyone is busy with either work or school. My son has a dual enrollment class at the local college, my daughter’s activity schedule is picking up, both kids are preparing for the ACT with their amazing tutor at Victoria’s Prep, there are college tours to take, and

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Five Elegant Seafood Meals that Your Guests will Never Know Came from…get this…a Can!

Yes, you read that right – You can create elegance from a can of…tuna, crabmeat, clams, salmon, or sardines! With an open-mind, a can opener, and the Internet at my finger tips, this week’s budget tips feature canned seafood (but no one has to know that except you!). In my quest for ingredients that are oh-so-easy on the wallet, I’ve

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