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What’s the Most Undeservingly, Underappreciated Meal in the House?

I have a long-time friend who has managed some top New York restaurants. He once shared with me one of the keys to staying in business: having the exact amount of needed food inventory on hand at any given time and not wasting product.  Well, we’ve been on our Food Budget Lifestyle for well over a month at this point,

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Big Sis Steps In…

Do you have a big sister? If so, you’ll relate to this! If not, you’ll just chuckle as you read along! Big sisters were first on the scene and they know it! They recognize that they are the eldest and that their advice is, well, simply indespensible.  Big sisters are wiser and more experienced with everything – even those things

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What to Eat to Cut Your Grocery Bill (No, It’s Not Ramen!)

I began a Food Budget Lifestyle as my New Year’s Resolution, 2018.  You know what? Even with only a few weeks under our belts, our family has saved hundreds of dollars!  We are planning meals, using what’s in the pantry, and being smarter about where we purchase our groceries.  We also are always on the lookout for healthy, delicious recipes

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A $100 Week

Planning our meals works!  I’ve already saved hundreds of dollars and I’ve only been at it since mid-December!  What’s great is seeing that much of a savings in such a short time! The proof, as they say, is in the pudding (or, in my case, the pork loin)!  Last week’s grocery bill was under $80; a far cry from the

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